InDance International Barcelona

Formació Universitària, Postgraus i Masters

Del 28 al 29 d'Abril del 2020

, Barcelona

24 d'Abril del 2020


20% discount for students


Teatre Nacional De Catalunya

Harriet Macauley


Do you want to DANCE?
InDance International Barcelona on 28th and 29th April 2020 is a beckon for the experimental performer. Alongside a international performance event, we provide dynamic movement workshops with the integration of digital media and photography from flagship international performers.
Choreographers and Artists 2020:
Leonardo Diana, Italy
Alicia Tuskolitas, Slovenia
Raúl Tamez, Mexico
Patricia Hastewell Puig and Company, Spain
Sara Colomino Gimenez, Spain
Harriet Macauley, United Kingdom

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